Ensure proper foot development with Posturepro's Insoles for kids.
Correct standing posture and encourage better focus and concentration with Posturepro's Insoles
Eliminate and prevent feet ache, feet asymmetry, no foot arch, flat feet and high arch with Posturepro's insoles.
Foot Activation for Kids

Foot Activation for Kids

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  • Proprioceptive Insoles: Improves sitting and standing postures through improved brain-body communication
  • Posturepro Textured Technology: Stimulates mechanoreceptor with its textured pattern 
  • Injury Prevention Insoles: Stabilizes the foot while walking and running, reducing stress on feet and back
  • Healthy Brain Development: Increase neurodevelopment which helps with emotional control, problem resolution, concentration, and cognition
  • Foot Development: Encourage proper development of the foot muscles to ensure proper posture, coordination, balance, and pain-free lives
  • 3D Technology Insoles: Stimulates feet’s sensory receptors to increase the development of muscle tone, stability, and mobility
  • Flexible Material: Fits in every shoe