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Live Better.
Functional Activator
Functional Activator

Functional Activator

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  • Tongue Posture: Promotes nasal breathing by correcting tongue position.
  • Body Alignment: Ensures proper position of the head and neck by aligning the jaw. Stress Relief: Helps prevent clenching and reduces stress to alleviate jaw pain.
  • Sports Performance: Improves VO2Max, strength, and balance as a sports performance mouthguard.
  • Easy to Use: No boiling or molding required, easy to use design.
  • Allergen-Free: 100% biocompatible and free from bisphenol, phthalates, and PVC to avoid allergies and endocrine disruption.
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Read why the Functional Activator is “life-changing.”


MY WHOLE FAMILY HAS ONE Absolutely love this mouthguard! I train with it, I sleep with it, I put it in my mouth when stressed. Not only is my breathing much better, but my eczema has also miraculously disappeared! I have now gotten my whole family to wear it!

Annie K.

NO MORE MOUTH TAPING! I grew up as a mouth breather. 2 years ago I started taping my mouth at night. I sleep so much better. Now, with the functional activator, I trained my tongue so that my lips closed all the time without tape...


HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS MOUTH APPLIANCE!I cannot remember the last time I slept this well! As soon as you put it in your mouth, it promotes nasal breathing. My Ouring ring was off the charts!



Personal trainer located in TO. Try training with this device in your mouth. Increased my VO2max. A bombshell!!! Really comfortable and easy to use.


How Does It Work?

The Functional Activator not only encourages proper tongue positioning but also gently promotes nasal breathing.

Breathe Better.

In order to strengthen the tongue muscles and encourage appropriate tongue posture, the Functional Activator trains the tongue to rest in the proper position on the palate.

This can support the jaw, neck, and upper back muscles and bones, which can improve posture overall and lower the risk of related health issues.

The fundamental benefit of the Functional Activator is that it promotes nasal breathing by encouraging ideal tongue posture, making it a really unique nose-breathing device. 

By encouraging nasal breathing, the Functional Activator helps to increase oxygen intake. Utilization during exercise may result in improved exercise performance and maybe a greater VO2 max.

Functional Activator

Nasal Breathing

Designed to promote nasal breathing

Tongue Posture

Helps restore physiological tongue posture

Head Posture

Head posture, scapula and thoracic spine


Without bisphenol, phthalate & PVC

Promotes Nasal Breathing


The shape of the Functional Activator includes a small ramp that encourages the tongue to maintain a high position on the palate, which can have a positive impact on overall oral and postural health. This can also help improve breathing and reduce snoring.


The Functional Activator's goal is to encourage a self-active approach to improving dental and postural health, one in which the user is in charge of exerting the necessary energy and effort to keep the jaw and tongue in the right positions. It does this by encouraging adequate nasal ventilation, swallowing, chewing, and phonation.


The Functional Activator is a double gutter in which the teeth are placed. The deepest gutter holds the teeth of the upper jaw (maxillary). The teeth of the lower jaw (mandible) are placed in the second gutter facing each other. The small ramps encourage proper oral function and posture.


The Functional Activator is a great tool to improve posture, mobility, and overall fitness. By keeping the tongue in the correct position and focusing on nose breathing, the Functional Activator can help to strengthen the core muscles and develop balance, agility, and stability. This can reduce back pain, improve posture, and increase flexibility. In addition, it can help to improve balance, coordination, and power, allowing for easier breathing and less tension in the jaw and neck. With the combination of nose breathing and the Functional Activator, you can achieve greater overall well-being and improved posture in a shorter amount of time.

The length of time to see results with the Functional Activator varies for each individual. While some may notice changes in weeks, others may take months. It's important to note that everyone is unique, and there are no guaranteed outcomes. Gradual use and posture correction guidance can increase the likelihood of success.

The Functional Activator's suitability relies on your specific needs and circumstances. It's often utilized to address airway and posture-related problems, including blocked airways. It's crucial to consider factors such as age, overall health, and pre-existing conditions before using the Functional Activator.

Functional Activator
Functional Activator

Functional Activator

Regular price $349.00USD Sale price$297.00USD

Enhance your breathing by using the Functional Activator; its distinctive form lifts the tongue to a natural position on the palate.

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