Lower Back Support

Lower Back Support


Rewire Your Brain

Based on neuroscience, backed by clinical studies, and re-designed for the modern athlete. Experience true postural control as you activate your feet before and during your workouts. 

Proprioceptive Insoles

Lower Back Support

Studies show that the brain uses the pelvis as a reference for movement. This model provides very thin cushioning at the heel to help you fight gravity more efficiently. It stimulates your posterior chain muscles along the spine with your glutes and hamstrings. 

These insoles are best for those looking to target the posterior chain. With aligned joints in the lower body - ankle, knee, hip - the lower back will be better supported.

Proper muscle tone is crucial to your lower back and removes excess tension when you move. We recommend these if you have issues in the any of the posterior joints or the lower back. 

Used by NCAA and Pro Athletes

The Proprioceptive Insoles change how your feet and brain communicate. They allow each foot to send the same information about the ground.

Optimal feedback from your feet lets your nervous system command the right muscle tone from head to toe, which will align your joints and improve your movements.

Designed For Athletes By Athletes

The Proprioceptive Insoles are designed to simulate the receptors in the skin of the feet for better coordination of movement. 

Reduce pain and improve movement

Price Comparison

We believe everyone deserves a pain-free body, so we have priced our products affordably for everyone.