Proprioceptive Insoles for Rounded Shoulders
Upper Back Strength
Upper Back Strength
Upper Back Strength
Upper Back Strength
Upper Back Strength

Upper Back Strength

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Many of us experience rounded shoulders, tight traps, or the occasional tension headache. Often our upper back feels weak as we tend to be hunched over our computers all day. To address these issues, you need to target the midfoot!  


The skin of your feet is embedded with sensory receptors that send information about your body to your brain. Your brain then uses this information to command your muscles, which dictates your posture and alignment. If the arches of your feet are poorly stimulated, then your receptors are missing vital information. This means your brain cannot orchestrate proper alignment in the lower extremity and pelvis. 

When the midfoot is the source of the problem, we often see knocked knees and a protruding abdomen (anterior tilt). These dysfunctions elicit a series of problems in the upper extremity too! In particular, we experience rounded shoulders and forward head posture.  


The wedge technology stimulates the receptors in your midfoot as they respond to deep pressure and stretch.  

The signal from the skin of your feet travels to your brain through channels known as the ascending sensory pathways. This signal arrives in your sensory cortex, located in your parietal lobe. It is then transmitted to the motor cortex located in the frontal lobe. This is where your brain plans the execution of movement. 

The improved signal allows your brain to optimize knee alignment, and encourage a neutral pelvis. This has a positive impact on the joints above!  

Product Details:  
  • Posturepro technology: wedge stimulates mechanoreceptors 
  • Targets rounded shoulders  
  • Targets forward head posture  
  • Targets protruding abdomen (anterior pelvic tilt)  
  • Reduces energy expenditure  
  • Flexible material –fit for every shoe  
  • Made in Canada  

Wedge Technology

Our wedge technology activates the mid-foot receptors, optimizing the signal between your feet and your brain. This enables your brain to orchestrate proper alignment of the lower extremity and pelvis. This has a corrective effect on the joints above, resulting in improved shoulder alignment and upper back support.

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