Posturepro Insoles to correct rounded shoulders and forward head posture.
Fix uneven shoulders and shoulder pain with Posturepro's insoles.
Upper Back Strength
Get rid of your weak upper back, neck pain, neck tension, and headaches with proper position of the head.
Posturepro's Proprioceptive Insoles for Rounded Shoulders
Stand straight and elimiate back pain with Posturepro's insoles.
Posturepro's insoles are the best way to fix rounded shoulders quickly.
Correct standing posture and rounded shoulders with Posturepro's Insoles.

Upper Back Strength

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  • Proprioceptive Insoles: Stimulate feet’ receptors to allow better motor movement
  • Wedge technology Insoles: Target rounded shoulders and anterior pelvic tilt
  • Midfoot-targeting Insoles: Increase arches stimulation to align the lower extremity and pelvis
  • Pain-relief and Injury Prevention Insoles: Reduce stress on the lower joints and ensure proper execution of movement
  • Body-wide Effect: Stimulate foot arches to fix upper-back and head posture
  • Midfoot Activation: Targets midfoot and big toe
  • Durable Results: Fix upper-back posture permanently through the acquisition of new motor patterns
  • The WIDE model is for shoes with larger toe-boxes such as Vivo, Xero Shoes, etc.