Posturepro Insoles to eliminate back pain.
Holistic back pain treatment to provide lower back pain relief
Insole for lower back pain.
Posturepro proprioceptive insoles for back pain increase back stability.
Avoid sway back, flat back, back muscle strain and lumbar strain with Posturepro's insoles.
Easy way to relieve back pain at home.
The best solution for lower back pain.

Lower Back Support

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  • Proprioceptive Insoles: Stimulate skin’s nerve centers to increase muscle tone in the lower back and core
  • Wedge Technology Insoles: Designed to activate the posterior chain and give you more energy
  • Injury Prevention Insoles: Improve walking progression and standing stability
  • Energy Conservation Insoles: Help stand upright to fight gravity most efficiently, avoiding both physical and cognitive energy loss
  • Rear foot-Targeting Insoles: Encourage neutral center of mass and optimal joint mechanics
  • Durable Results: Permanently increase the tonicity of your back chain 
  • The WIDE model is for shoes with larger toe-box such as Vivo, Xero Shoes, etc.