Posturepro's Proprioceptive Insoles for flat feet
Ensure foot health and elimate foot ache with Posturepro's insoles.
Foot activation insoles to fix flat feet.
Eliminate your pain under foot, heel pain, calf pain, flat feet and other foot problem.
Flat feet insole to solve painful steps.
Ensure foot health, movement coordination, best physical performance and good balance.

Foot Activation

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  • 3D Technology Insoles: Designed to stimulate nerve centers to increase local blood flow and lymph circulation
  • Textured Insoles: Based on the principles of acupressure and reflexology
  • Total Feet Stimulation: Provide sensory stimulation to the nervous system through the entire feet
  • Injury Prevention Insoles: Stimulate feet to ensure proper movement execution
  • Durable Results: Fix posture permanently through the acquisition of new motor patterns
  • The WIDE model is for shoes with larger toe-box such as Vivo, Xero Shoes, etc.