In short: Our insoles are based on 50 years of neuroscience. Clinical studies indicate a decrease in postural sway and an improvement in balance when the feet are stimulated.

How the body and brain communicate: Your skin is embedded with sensory receptors that deliver signals to your brain. These sensors (referred to as mechanoreceptors) respond to deep pressure, stretch, and vibration. They provide your brain with information about your positioning and your surrounding environment.

When you are weight bearing, the sensors in the skin of your feet send signals through channels known as ascending sensory pathways.

These signals make it to the sensory cortex of your brain (which is located in the parietal lobe). From there, the information is transmitted to the motor cortex (located in the frontal lobe). This is where execution of movement is prepared and sent to your body via motor tracts (such as the reticulospinal and vestibulospinal).

The problem: Unfortunately, we acquire many imbalances throughout our body during our lifetime. As such, our body weight is unevenly distributed through our feet. This means the sensors of our feet are under stimulated -or not activated. As a result, the signal that is sent to our brain is not accurate, nor optimized.

If the quality of the signal sent to your brain is poor, then your motor patterns and posture will be affected.

The solution: Our insoles stimulate the receptors in your feet, which enhances the accuracy of the signal that is sent to your brain. The result is improved stability, alignment, and movement, in a short amount of time (because the nervous system responds quickly). This improved alignment helps reduce pain, incidence of injury, and overall health.

In 2006, Posturepro was recognized by the health and fitness industry as the pioneer in introducing Proprioceptive Insoles as a solution to postural imbalances.

Annette Verpillot is the Chief Officer and founder of Posturepro. From the beginning, Annette recognized a need for a different approach when treating and preventing musculoskeletal injuries. Manual therapies and exercise prescription require repetition and do not always elicit long term results. 

Furthermore, we often forget that the muscles we treat are connected to our brain! This led Annette to develop The Posturepro Method. A unique postural evaluation system that is recognized throughout the world for addressing chronic pain, increasing strength, and improving sports proficiency.

Our products are based on over 14 years of clinical experience. We work with athletes, the general population, and children. All of which experience either neurological disorders, pain, injury, misalignment, or a combination. Our tools are non-invasive, easy to use, and time efficient (as the nervous system responds quickly).

Please see the previous question for a detailed description.

 In short: Your brain relies on information from the body in order to command your muscles.

There are sensors in the skin of your feet that send information to your brain. Unfortunately, these sensors tend to be under stimulated. As a result, your brain receives a poor-quality signal. This means your brain cannot orchestrate proper movement patterns/posture.

Using our Posturepro technology, we stimulate the receptors in the feet to enhance the signal sent to the brain. This improves the output -more stability, less injury!

Our Proprioceptive insoles: Use texture and wedge technology to stimulate the skin receptors of the foot, and to promote proper alignment of the foot.

Our Therapeutic insoles: Use a frequency and vibration resonator in the center of the insole to target neural pathways to the brain on a consistent basis. The brain adapts to this constant/improved stimulus, as a result, it learns/acquires proper motor patterns as a long-term solution. As such, the brain-body connection is restored, and in most cases, the insoles do not need to be worn after a year’s time.

Select your insoles according to your goals:

Therapeutic insoles:
Address brain-body communication, postural ailments, injury prevention, and teach your brain proper-movement patterns as a long-term solution (even after wear)

Low Back Support:
Address brain-body communication and improve back stability/strength.

Foot activation:
Address brain-body communication, and injury prevention.

Upper Back Strength:
Address brain-body communication and target rounded shoulders/strengthen upper back. 

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Therapeutic insoles: The resonator in the center of the insole will use to emit the necessary frequency for approximately 1 year to 1.5 years.

The new models now emit unlimited frequency. It never wears out! However, in majority of cases, the brain has already acquired proper motor patterns by that time. Our therapeutic insoles offer a long-term solution after use. Our therapeutic insoles offer a long-term solution after use.

Proprioceptive insoles: So long as the texture remains, the stimulus is working. However, in cases of extreme use, the texture may be worn down. In that case, we recommend replacing them. These insoles must be continually worn to have an effect of the body.

Our insoles work according to US shoe sizes. If you are hesitating between two sizes, we recommend getting the bigger one. You may also trim your insoles slightly for a better fit in your shoe! 

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The more you wear them, the greater the results. Wear them as soon as you wake up. The insoles are in effect even when you are not standing or walking. So, put them in every shoe or slipper!

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