In 2006, Posturepro was recognized by the health and fitness industry as the pioneer in introducing Proprioceptive Insoles as a solution to postural imbalances.

Annette Verpillot is the Chief Officer and founder of Posturepro. From the beginning, Annette recognized a need for a different approach when treating and preventing musculoskeletal injuries. Manual therapies and exercise prescriptions require repetition and do not always elicit long-term results. 

Furthermore, we often forget that the muscles we treat are connected to our brain! This led Annette to develop The Posturepro Method. A unique postural evaluation system that is recognized throughout the world for addressing chronic pain, increasing strength, and improving sports proficiency.

Our products are based on over 14 years of clinical experience. We work with athletes, the general population, and children. All of which experience either neurological disorders, pain, injury, misalignment, or a combination. Our tools are non-invasive, easy to use, and time efficient (as the nervous system responds quickly).

In short: Our insoles are based on 50 years of neuroscience. Clinical studies indicate a decrease in postural sway and an improvement in balance when the feet are stimulated.

How the body and brain communicate: Your skin is embedded with sensory receptors that deliver signals to your brain. These sensors (referred to as mechanoreceptors) respond to deep pressure, stretch, and vibration. They provide your brain with information about your positioning and your surrounding environment.

When you are weight-bearing, the sensors in the skin of your feet send signals through channels known as ascending sensory pathways.

These signals make it to the sensory cortex of your brain (which is located in the parietal lobe). From there, the information is transmitted to the motor cortex (located in the frontal lobe). This is where the execution of movement is prepared and sent to your body via motor tracts (such as the reticulospinal and vestibulospinal).

The problem: Unfortunately, we acquire many imbalances throughout our body during our lifetime. As such, our body weight is unevenly distributed through our feet. This means the sensors of our feet are under stimulated -or not activated. As a result, the signal that is sent to our brain is not accurate, nor optimized.

If the quality of the signal sent to your brain is poor, then your motor patterns and posture will be affected.

The solution: Our insoles stimulate the receptors in your feet, which enhances the accuracy of the signal that is sent to your brain. The result is improved stability, alignment, and movement, in a short amount of time (because the nervous system responds quickly). This improved alignment helps reduce pain, incidence of injury, and overall health.


There are sensors in the skin of your feet that send information to your brain. Unfortunately, in most individuals, these sensors tend to be under-stimulated due to various lifestyle factors. When the sensors of the feet receive poor stimulation, they send a weak signal to the brain.

The brain can only work with what it is given; thus, a weak input will result in a weak output. In this case, the output is the signal that is sent from your brain to your body's muscles. This is how poor posture happens.

Using our Posturepro technology, we stimulate the receptors in the feet to enhance the signal sent to the brain. This improves the motor output, which results in increased postural stability and fewer injuries!

Our Therapeutic Insoles contain a resonator in the center. The resonator is a small metal disk whose shape and structure emits a vibration at a frequency of 90 Hz, which is bioenergetic. In other words, it is strong enough for your nervous system to sense, but not enough for you to consciously feel it. This frequency is akin to light wavelengths (i.e., colors). Just like colors, this frequency is set and cannot change or die off, unless the disk/resonator becomes damaged.

Resonators can come in different frequencies, all depending on their structure and shape. They naturally emit vibrations (what is scientifically called “resonant behaviour”) due to either the Earth’s natural electromagnetic field or mechanical forces. In the case of our insoles, both apply (electromagnetic field = when non-weight-bearing and mechanical = when weight-bearing). As an example, resonators are also used in musical instruments to emit specific tones and sounds at frequencies that do not vary.

We have different types of insoles to address specific problems. In sum, our insoles provide the feet with prolonged stimulation, which creates accurate sensory input for the brain. Constant stimulation is crucial for the brain to learn how to activate the right motor patterns that give birth to an aligned posture. Once acquired, these patterns become automatic and proper brain-body connection is fully restored.

Therapeutic Insoles - Our #1 Recommendation: These insoles use special vibration and frequency technology that will stimulate your feet 24/7 (or as long as you wear the insoles). The best thing about this technology is that it is non-weight-bearing - it will stimulate your feet even if you are sitting or lying down.

Foot Activation Insoles: These insoles use texture technology to stimulate the skin receptors of the foot, and to promote proper alignment of the foot. They help improve brain-body communication and reduce the risk of injury.

Lower Back Support Insoles: These insoles use texture and strategically placed wedge technology to improve back stability and strength.

Upper Back Strength Insoles: These insoles use wedge technology to address brain-body communication, target rounded shoulders, and strengthen the upper back. 

Click here to see our detailed Insoles Comparison Chart.

Therapeutic Insoles: The resonator in the center of the insole will emit the necessary frequency for life.

If taken care of properly, the Therapeutic Insoles are durable enough to last just as long and even longer!

Proprioceptive Insoles (Foot Activation, Low Back, and Upper Back): So long as the texture and wedges remain intact, the stimulation will continue to emit. However, in cases of extreme use, the texture may become worn down. In that case, we recommend replacing them.

Our insoles follow the US Shoe Sizing Standards. If you are hesitating between two sizes, we recommend getting the bigger one as our insoles can always be trimmed! As a friendly reminder, our insoles were designed to be flexible and customizable through trimming to create the best fit - so don't worry about going a little bigger!

Size Templates: To make selecting a size easier, we designed templates for you to print out and place your foot on to find your best fit. Please note that we do not have templates for our larger sizes; thus, if you cannot find your size in this guide, please follow your current shoe size to find your closest match. If you are having difficulties, please contact our team at for assistance.

Size Guide with Templates: here

Size Conversion Chart: here

If the insoles are too big, you can trim them from the toe area. To do so, use the insert from the shoes you wear most often. This will serve as your template. Place the insert on top of the insoles and with a pencil, create an outline. Once done, you can trim the insoles following the lines you drew.

Note: The insoles should ONLY be cut from the top (toe) area, so you will only need to create an outline at the top. Do NOT cut from the heel.

The therapeutic benefits of your insoles will remain the same after trimming!

Yes, you can continue to use your toe spacers with the Therapeutic Insoles. As long as your feet are making contact with the insoles, you will continue to obtain the stimulation from the insoles!

The more you wear them, the greater the results! Remember that proper posture needs to be learned by the brain, and this will require a constant input of adequate stimulation. So, the more you wear your insoles, the longer your feet are stimulated, and the better your brain learns.

Our Recommendation: Wear your insoles from the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment you go to bed at night. You may place them in your slippers, shoes, or even socks.

Although you will begin to see improvements in your posture and postural symptoms quite rapidly, it will take roughly 365 days (or 1 year) for your brain to acquire the right motor patterns. Thus, even if you begin to feel better, it is important to wear the insoles as recommended for at least 1 year, after which you will no longer need them because the benefits you will obtain will be long-term!

Proper care is crucial to the longevity of any product. The same goes for our insoles.

Important: Keep the insoles away from humidity/moisture and wetness. These can prematurely damage the insoles. If exposed to either, it is important to wipe them dry as soon as possible to prevent damage.

If your feet tend to get sweaty, we recommend wearing socks with the insoles to help absorb excess moisture. The socks will not interfere with the stimulation.

Cleaning: To clean the insoles, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe off any dirt. This should be followed by immediate drying with a dry cloth.

Yes. In fact, our Therapeutic Insoles can provide stimulation through a distance of 15 cm, so socks will not interfere with the stimulus. As for our Proprioceptive Insoles (Foot Activation, Low Back, and Upper Back), thin socks will work well! As long as your feet can still sense the texture and wedge technology, you will continue to experience the therapeutic benefits.

The more you wear your insoles, the better their benefits will be! We recommend wearing the insoles from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed at night.

Q. I have one pair of Therapeutic Insoles, and one pair of Proprioceptive Insoles (Foot Activation, Low Back, Upper Back). When should I wear each?

Answer: Follow the instructions that you were given by your practitioner or posture expert. If you did not have a consultation, we recommend wearing the Therapeutic Insoles for the bulk of your time, and wearing the Proprioceptive Insoles whenever you are weight-bearing (e.g., walking, running, exercising, standing, etc.).

Absolutely! Bending will naturally occur as the insoles are A) very flexible, and B) hug the shape of your feet. This will not affect the therapeutic benefits.

As long as the resonator (Therapeutic Insoles), texture, and wedge (Proprioceptive Insoles) technology are intact, your insoles will continue to work.

Our #1 recommendation for any posture type is our Therapeutic Insoles because they provide the feet with 24/7 therapy - even when resting! This is the best way to create prolonged stimulation for the brain, and clinically, these grant the best results for individuals with compromised foot postures.

In certain cases, you may also need a second pair chosen from our Proprioceptive Insoles. To obtain specific recommendations, we invite you to book an online consultation with our posture expert here:

Our #1 recommendation to address posture-related pain symptoms is our Therapeutic Insoles because they provide the feet with 24/7 therapy - even when resting! This is the best way to create prolonged stimulation for the brain, and clinically, these grant the best results for individuals with chronic body pains.

In certain cases, you may also need a second pair chosen from our Proprioceptive Insoles. To obtain specific recommendations, we invite you to book an online consultation with our posture expert here:

Yes. Both our Therapeutic Insoles and Foot Activation Insoles can be selected in children's sizes.

Childhood represents an important stage of motor and brain development. Although most children will naturally develop normal foot posture if given the right quality of stimulation, it will not hurt to add stimulation to their feet!

Fact: In children with poor posture, significant improvements (60-80%) can be seen in as little as an hour and up to 2 weeks of wearing the Therapeutic Insoles!

Not necessarily. Typically, our insoles are meant to be worn continuously for a period of one year, after which, for most children, wearing them is no longer necessary as their brain has acquired the correct motor patterns for proper posture. In this case, the child will not need new insoles unless his/her size changes drastically within the year. To prevent this, we suggest choosing a slightly larger size from the get-go.

In exceptional cases, the insoles will be recommended to be worn or longer than a year. To find out whether this applies to you, we highly recommend booking an online consultation with our posture expert Annette Verpillot here:

If the exception applies, it is ideal to opt for a new size when the shoe size changes significantly.

Size Guide available here:

Yes! If you are a student or a member of the military, please contact us here.


This study highlighted the importance of visual input in maintaining balance and posture, suggesting that improving visual function through eye training can positively affect postural control.

This research showed that regular eye exercises can significantly reduce symptoms of eye strain among computer users, improving visual comfort and reducing fatigue.

This study found that vision therapy, including eye exercises, significantly improved oculomotor function in children, enhancing their ability to track and focus.

This study demonstrated that vision therapy, which includes eye exercises, improved reading rate and comprehension in adults with acquired brain injury, indicating enhanced cognitive performance.


Unlike night guards, which are mainly for teeth protection from grinding, the Functional Activator is designed to correct tongue posture and promote nasal breathing, which can alleviate TMJ issues. It also contributes to better head and neck posture and overall well-being, which night guards don't address. While it's not custom-fitted like night guards and comes in three standard sizes, its soft material is comfortable and effective in re-educating oral posture and aiding in TMJ symptom management.

The Functional Activator is intended to enhance your respiratory function and overall well-being, making it an investment in your own self. Moreover, it is built to be durable, ensuring many years of use. Ultimately, the cost of the Functional Activator is outweighed by the potential health benefits it offers.

The Functional Activator is a great tool to improve posture, mobility, and overall fitness. By keeping the tongue in the correct position and focusing on nose breathing, the Functional Activator can help to strengthen the core muscles and develop balance, agility, and stability. This can reduce back pain, improve posture, and increase flexibility. In addition, it can help to improve balance, coordination, and power, allowing for easier breathing and less tension in the jaw and neck. With the combination of nose breathing and the Functional Activator, you can achieve greater overall well-being and improved posture in a shorter amount of time.

The Functional Activator's suitability relies on your specific needs and circumstances. It's often utilized to address airway and posture-related problems, including blocked airways. It's crucial to consider factors such as age, overall health, and pre-existing conditions before using the Functional Activator.

The Functional Activator is manufactured without bisphenol, phthalate (endocrine disrupters), and PVC.

The Functional Activator was designed with the help of dentists. The materials have been chosen for their flexibility in the mouth for more comfort, resistance, longer life, and elasticity to avoid damaging the
teeth. That being said, it is not meant to be replaced often. The Functional Activator typically last one year to a year and a half. 

It will depend ultimately on each individual; most people use the Functional Activator without any discomfort. However, as with any other oral appliance, it may take an adaptation period to get used to it. It's perfectly normal to experience some soreness in your jaw, teeth, and gums during this adjustment phase. But if you have discomfort that doesn't fade after a few hours of removing the Functional Activator, then we recommend that you seek our team for support at

Yes, the flexible material of our Functional Activator allows it to be used with your retainer - just place your retainer first and then the Functional Activator on top!

Start by wearing the Functional Activator for short periods of time and gradually increase the time you wear it. This will allow you to adapt to the position of your tongue and breathing without discomfort. The goal is to be able to wear it all night long.

Remember to keep your mouth closed while using the Functional Activator and practice breathing through your nose. You can start with breathing exercises for smaller periods to build up your tolerance. With time, you won't have to do anything consciously while wearing it.


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