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Scientific evidence

Mechanoreceptors in the feet play a pivotal role in human balance and posture. By stimulating these receptors, one can enhance equilibrium and overall stance. By focusing on improving foot posture, individuals can experience enhanced balance, stand taller, and reduce joint inflammation, contributing to overall well-being and healthier living.


There are sensors in the skin of your feet that send information to your brain.

Unfortunately, in most individuals, these sensors tend to be under-stimulated due to various lifestyle factors.

When the sensors of the feet receive poor stimulation, they send a weak signal to the brain.

The brain can only work with what it is given; thus, a weak input will result in a weak output. In this case, the output is the signal sent from your brain to your body's muscles. This is how poor posture happens.

Using our Posturepro technology, we stimulate the 200,000 receptors in your feet to enhance the signal sent to the brain. This improves the motor output, which results in increased postural stability and fewer injuries!

Annette Verpillot developed patent-pending insoles.

They use unique technologies that are different from our competitors.

First, they strengthen the muscles of the feet as opposed to weakening the arch.

Second, they use wedge and frequency technologies. This allows for constant stimulation of your nervous system, allowing your brain to create new neural pathways.

Therapeutic Insoles are the best way to get easy, fast, and permanent results. They help you save time and money!

Therapeutic Insoles:
Address brain-body communication and provide the feet with 24/7 therapy - even when sitting!

This is the best way to create prolonged stimulation for the brain, and clinically, these grant the most optimal results for individuals with chronic body pains.

Lower Back Support Insoles:
Address brain-body communication and improve back stability/strength.

Foot Activation Insoles:
Address brain-body communication and injury prevention.

Upper Back Strength Insoles
Address brain-body communication and target rounded shoulders/strengthen the upper back.

Our insoles follow the
US Shoe Sizing Standards. If you are hesitating between two sizes, we recommend getting the bigger one, as our insoles can always be trimmed!

Our insoles were designed to be flexible and customizable through
trimming to create the best fit - so don't worry about going a little bigger!

Here is a video on How To Pick The Size of Your Insoles

We ship internationally. 

FREE shipping is offered on Therapeutic Insoles, Fix My Posture Bundle, and the Functional Activator.

Shipping cost for other products can vary between $5.99 in the USA and $17.99.

How long will it take to receive my product?

North America: 6-7 days
Europe: 6-7 days
Other locations: up to 14-21 days

Please note that Posturepro is not responsible for any shipping or delivery delays after your order has been fully processed.  


Posturepro will provide a full refund for a product that is defective or damaged. Any damaged products must be brought to the attention of POSTUREPRO in writing and with pictures, within ten (10) days following delivery.

Returned goods** must be in perfect condition and suitable for resale in order to receive a refund. You may return your order within 10 days if the size you ordered doesn't fit. In this case, a 20% restocking fee will be charged. We do not cover the return shipping costs.

There will be no refunds for goods that have been damaged or deteriorated in quality to the extent that they are not suitable for resale.

If you need assistance choosing a size or have questions, we are here to help, please email us at

**Please note that we are unable to accept returns on apparel or mouth appliances. To return an item, contact us at

When will I get my refund? Once we receive your return, we will process your refund back to your original method of payment within 24 hours. Depending on your payment provider, it may take anywhere from 2-10 business days for your approved refund to be posted to your account.

Please Note: Our Guarantee only applies to purchases made on this website.

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Relief! These insoles changed my life! I am a MMA fighter who never cared about posture, recently I received a terrible back injury.

Daniel L.

United States


Best Recovery Insole!!! I have either tested or purchased so many insoles and shoes over the years. This has got to be my BEST PURCHASE EVER!!!

Barb T.

United States


These always help the posture and brain My patients love them and so do I!!

Theresa K DC

Los Angeles, CA


My overall experience was amazing, coming from someone who has had posture and back problems since, these insoles really mad a huge difference!

Tevin Dyce

United States


Insane Results ON and OFF Training. First of all at a glance, I was first skeptical of the product. But as a personal trainer, learner and powerlifting competitor, I decided to try these out to make me and my clients as well as others move better and feel less pain.

Nick Carrales


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