Foot Activation for Kids
Foot Activation for Kids
Foot Activation for Kids

Foot Activation for Kids

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  • Proprioceptive Insoles: Improves sitting and standing postures through improved brain-body communication
  • Posturepro Textured Technology: Stimulates mechanoreceptor with its textured pattern 
  • Injury Prevention Insoles: Stabilizes the foot while walking and running, reducing stress on feet and back
  • Healthy Brain Development: Increase neurodevelopment which helps with emotional control, problem resolution, concentration, and cognition
  • Foot Development: Encourage proper development of the foot muscles to ensure proper posture, coordination, balance, and pain-free lives
  • 3D Technology Insoles: Stimulates feet’s sensory receptors to increase the development of muscle tone, stability, and mobility
  • Flexible Material: Fits in every shoe