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Functional Activator
Functional Activator

Functional Activator

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  • Patented Activator: Designed to promote nasal breathing through tongue correction
  • Body-wide Effect: Ensures proper position of the head and neck
  • Tension Reducing Activator: Prevents clenching and reduces stress to avoid jaw pain
  • Sports Performance Mouthguard: Increases VO2Max, strength, and balance
  • Easy to use: Does not require boiling or molding
  • Allergen-Free: 100% biocompatible to avoid allergies.Without bisphenol, phthalate (endocrine disrupters), and PVC
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Mouth Breathing

Our tongue controls our body in ways we are unaware. It influences and interacts with the body's system.

Mouth breathing pushes the head forward. affecting your stability, strength, and oxygen intake.

The Functional Activator places your tongue at the top of your palate to promote the natural nasal intake of oxygen and re-educate proper posture over time.


A recent study confirms that mouth breathing in children may cause symptoms of ADD and hyperactivity. It is important for the entire health care community to screen for mouth breathing in children as young as 5 years of age.

Mouth Taping

How Does It Work?

The Functional Activator props your jaw forward to keep your airway clear.The shape of the Functional Activator holds the tongue to the palate, thus facilitating breathing through the nose.

The advantage of the Functional Activator is that it allows the natural movement of the lower jaw on the upper jaw, allowing you to restore your bite to its physiological position.

Its exceptional comfort allows physiological tongue posture. Plus, it is 100% biocompatible to avoid allergies, and does not require boiling.

The unique patented composition makes it highly adjustable to any type of mouth. 


The Functional Activator is 100% biocompatible to avoid allergies! It is made from natural silica that offers good mechanical properties and provides the following:

- Flexibility in the mouth for greater comfort

- Resistance, for a longer useful life

- Elasticity for excellent shape retention memory

The Functional Activator is manufactured without bisphenol, phthalate (endocrine disrupters), and PVC. It is all-natural and good for you!

The main difference is that our functional activator is a double dental splint that fits snugly over the teeth of the upper and lower jaw, meaning it blocks your mouth airway, forcing you to breathe by your nose.

Furthermore, it provides a small ramp for the tongue to naturally rest on, maintaining its raised position against the palate. In that position, you are naturally forced to breathe through your nose. 

After prolonged use, you will unconsciously place your tongue correctly and have a proper jaw position.

Hence, you will breathe through your nose even when you are not using the device. Forget about mouth-tapping! The Functional Activator is your permanent solution!

The position of your jaw is known to have an affect on your body's resting postural alignment.

A 2015 study from the New York University College of Dentistry compared different jaw position while evaluating running gait.

They concluded that a jaw properly aligned resulted in a more symmetrical running pattern.

A more symmetrical running pattern is important as it will help reduce the wear on joints and risk of injuries as well as improve running performance.

The main difference is that The Functional Activator is a double dental splint that fits snugly over the teeth of the upper and lower jaw, meaning it blocks your mouth airway, forcing you to breathe by your nose.

Also, The Functional Activator materials combine elasticity, tonicity, flexibility, and comfort, while the other mouthguards are known to be more rigid.

Finally, because of its shape, the Functional Activator provides a small ramp for the tongue to naturally rest on, maintaining its raised position against the palate.

Through that, it can release imbalances in the jaw.

Other mouthguards do not address the tongue position or its effect on posture.



MY WHOLE FAMILY HAS ONE Absolutely love this mouthguard! I train with it, I sleep with it, I put it in my mouth when stressed. Not only is my breathing much better, but my eczema has also miraculously disappeared! I have now gotten my whole family to wear it!

Annie K.

NO MORE MOUTH TAPING! I grew up as a mouth breather. 2 years ago I started taping my mouth at night. I sleep so much better. Now, with the functional activator, I trained my tongue so that my lips closed all the time without tape...


HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS MOUTH APPLIANCE!I cannot remember the last time I slept this well! As soon as you put it in your mouth, it promotes nasal breathing. My Ouring ring was off the charts!



Personal trainer located in TO. Try training with this device in your mouth. Increased my VO2max. A bombshell!!! Really comfortable and easy to use.



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United States United States

Delighted with my new mouthguard!

So worth it! I previously had a hybrid mouth guard from my dentist, and this was far more comfortable. Thank you!

United States United States
I recommend this product

Massive changes in my performance

Being an athlete, I had to get this. I swear I run better and my training improved by 100%. Really happy with this buy,

United States United States


Get this device now!!!

United States United States

Comfortable, great customer service

I ordered the functional activator because I was having really bad issues with nighttime grinding and clenching. I was starting to have holes in some of my teeth from that clenching, and my dentist recommended me to get a night guard ASAP. So I decided to give this a go. The team made sure that they provided all relevant contact information for me, let me know the status of my order at every step, and I really appreciated it.

United States United States
I recommend this product

SNORING boyfirend

I got this device from my boyfriend that snores relentlessly throughout the night it really bothers and affects my sleep I have to say I was really impressed after wearing this a couple of times he's snoring completely stopped I'm really happy with this product and recommended to anyone who has a snoring boyfriend