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Medical professionals agree that proper body mechanics is crucial for maintaining good health.

Posturepro Insoles

Case Studies - Grip Strength

According to the chart, there was a notable improvement in officers' grip strength when using the Therapeutic Insoles. The strength gain varied from 2 to 10.2 pounds, indicating a significant increase. This improvement can be attributed to the insoles' ability to enhance sensory stimulation, leading to better body alignment and muscle recruitment.


Case Studies - Blood Pressure

This graph shows that 100% of the officers presented a decrease in blood pressure by wearing Therapeutic Insoles. Furthermore, the systolic rate displayed by the officers decreased in proportions varying from 6% to 18%. As presented in the graph, the Therapeutic Insoles led to an average decrease in the systolic of 12%.


Case Studies - Shooting Accuracy

We employed the Multiple Interactive Learning Objective (MILO) simulator to measure the effects of wearing Therapeutic Insoles on target acquisition, shooting accuracy, and reaction time. The images presented here provide compelling evidence that officers who wore the Therapeutic Insoles showed a significant improvement in their shooting accuracy. Moreover, other participants in the study displayed similar results, indicating that wearing the Therapeutic Insoles can have a positive impact on shooting accuracy.


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