Proper Posture Starts From The Ground Up

Every single step that you take broadcasts a set of codes and instructions to your body that either creates longevity or disease. Flat feet or poor foot posture cause biomechanical imbalances that can lead to pain or injuries.


Step 1

Sensory feedback from your feet is sent to your brain.

Step 2

Your brain uses this information for acccuracy of movement.

Step 3

Your motor cortex executes the commands while conserving energy.

How To Pick The Right Size

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Changes in my bowleggedness in 3 weeks

The difference is spectacular. I cannot believe this. Just amazing! Thank you!!!!


Massive pain relief

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This is ridiculous and surreal!! I formed an arch in 3 weeks. It's not perfect, but I can actually see it!!! WHY DOESNT MY DOCTOR KNOW ABOUT THIS??? I AM SOOO HAPPY

Strong Feet Strong Body

Experiments show that by increasing sensory information from the feet, people waste less energy and are more balanced.

The Therapeutic Insoles use frequency and texture. Both these forms of sensory feedback improve our ability to maintain balance and reduce the amount of energy we expend to move.

Not All Insoles Are Made Equal

Designed to simulate the receptors in the skin of the feet for better coordination of movement. Reduce pain, prevent pain, and improve movement.

Posturepro Insoles
Therapeutic Insoles
Therapeutic Insoles
Therapeutic Insoles
Therapeutic Insoles

Therapeutic Insoles

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