Online Consultation with Annette Verpillot
 Annette Verpillot

Online Consultation with Annette Verpillot

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Online details:
  • 30 minutes online consult session, one-on-one with Annette
  • Identify the cause of your pain
  • Understand the links between your posture and your symptoms
  • Solve pain and other posture-related issues that are contributing to the problem
  • Prevent future injuries and pain from occuring
  • Increase range of  movement and focus
  • Retrain your body to function optimally

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Why Do You Need This?

If you have pain chances are you have consulted more than one health care professionnal. Unfortunaltely most conventional therapies only address the symptoms, and although they do provide temporary relief, they attempt to fix a problem on a body that is already misaligned. The majority of health care practitioners are trained to look at a problem locally – only providing temporary results – costing you time and money. This service will allow you to get to the root cause of your pain.

What This Service Offers

-30 minutes online consult session, one-on-one with Annette

-Identify the cause of your pain and decrease pain symptoms

-Understand the links between your posture and your symptoms

-Solve pain and other posture-related issues that are contributing to the problem

-Prevent future injuries and pain from occurring

-Increase range of  movement and muscle tightness

-Retrain your body to function optimally

How It Works

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Don't take our word for it


Wow!!!Amazing results! I see a huge difference with my daughters posture. Everything fits better. I recommend 110%

Diane Mouradian

Great service. Proven results with my daughter. After several visits to the physiotherapist and therapist for reflex integrations, Annette solved the problem in a single consultation. Impressive !! I highly recommend and the price justifies the results.

Sandra Pinheiro

Saw results within the session. Least amount of effort I've spent for noticeable improvements in mobility and balance.

Chad Patras

I highly recommend Posturepro as it has help me heal from my back pain, improve my quality of life, and elevate my body to its most peak performance through this unique approach. Annette is THE BEST!


Annette takes her time REALLY listens to your concerns, and gives you all the best possible options to help minimize or relieve your pain. She is very informative and genuinely 100% cares for every one and their well being. I strongly recommend her services and products.

George Grenier

Constantly amazed by how effective Annette is with treatment! She systematically diagnoses the root cause of your problems and eliminates them!

Jeremy Warner

What can I say… there are no words. Annette is professional, knowledgeable, passionate and most of all cares. I’m a fit girl, I enjoy life and care about my body. Although I keep fit I could not escape low back pain that éveillés into knee pain and then hip pain. Tried everything, saw everyone in Montreal even went to California to see a back specialist. I was ready to spend 45k on low back surgery. And then…Annette. I ‘lol say this: you may not understand it, but it works. As Annette would say, the problem is with the education. So there you go. Now you know. If you’ve tried everything if you’ve seen everyone you have nothing else to lose. Give Posturepro a try, you won’t regret it!

Les filles


Typically, clients will experience results almost immediately following their consultations (around 60-85% reduction in symptoms, but please keep in mind that this will vary depending on the individual).

After your appointment, you will be given a protocol to implement in your daily routine for a recommended period of 4 to 6 weeks. Once you have done so, we would suggest booking a follow-up appointment to have your progress evaluated and modify your protocol if needed.

Most clients go through a maximum of 3 consultations within a year, but this number can change depending on how many imbalances and symptoms you have versus how fast your body will be at adapting to the newer and healthier patterns.

Clinically, we have seen a decrease in pain between 60% to 85% in just one consultation. However, results may vary depending on the health concerns being addressed.

All calls are connected through Zoom. Make sure you have the application installed on your phone or computer.

Please take a moment to listen to these videos prior to your online consultation.

Download ZoomhereHow to join a meeting: & Configuring Audio & Video in Zoom:

Our online coaching packages offer a variety of services to meet your needs. The online service is an additional tool to help support those who can not meet Annette while she is traveling or come to the Montreal clinic. Please note that some treatment protocols incur additional costs.

Posturepro is located in Québec, Canada. The call will be scheduled in Eastern Standard Time.

Click on this link to book your time slot. If you want to book the combo, click on this link. It’s that simple.