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Our Therapeutic Insoles aren't just about foot comfort. They're about redefining the way you interact with the world. By targeting the proprioceptive system, these insoles offer a groundbreaking approach to posture correction, pain reduction, and overall health enhancement.

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Posturepro Insoles
Therapeutic Insoles
Therapeutic Insoles
Therapeutic Insoles
Therapeutic Insoles

Therapeutic Insoles

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  • Continuous Action: Creates 24/7 stimulation to the nervous system
  • Proprioceptive Insoles: Enhance posture while standing and sitting
  • Sport Performance Insoles: Coordination, agility, and reaction time are improved with insoles
  • Injury Prevention: Utilize sensory stimulation to alleviate pain and prevent injuries by improving body balance
  • Resonator: Stimulates the sensory receptors in the feet to improve muscle tone, stability, and mobility
  • Rapid and Durable Results: Reverses postural imbalances 
  • Size and Fit: Available in different sizes. The WIDE model is suitable for shoes with larger toe-boxes, like Vivo, Xero Shoes, etc.
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Our insoles work at the incredible speed of your nervous system

By stimulating the mechanoreceptors in the soles of your feet, these insoles initiate a rapid response chain.

This activation sends signals directly to your brain, optimizing the way your body responds to and manages physical stress.

Pain is on the rise

  • 90% of the global population suffers from some form of musculoskeletal pain.
  • 65% of people experience chronic pain, impacting their daily lives.
  • 25% of all injuries are repetitive knee injuries, with athletes being five times more likely to re-injure.

Therapeutic Insoles are designed to align your posture from the ground up. These insoles offer continuous nervous system stimulation, enhancing balance and reducing discomfort.

Take Control of Your Posture

Save Time and Money
75 % cheaper than traditional rehabilitation methods.

Balance your
nervous system
Enhance brain-body communication to elicit long-term results.

Good Posture
for improved health

Changes in posture, balance, and movement.

Fast and long-lasting results
Improving precision, boosting performance, ensuring safety, and increasing the likelihood of success in their respective fields.


The Therapeutic Insoles work by targeting the brain, the control center of the body. By addressing issues at the foundational level, we can bring about changes that resonate throughout the body. Whether you have pain in your knee, shoulder, or back, our holistic approach ensures comprehensive relief.

Therapeutic Insoles are an investment in long-term health. The potential savings from reduced physiotherapy sessions alone can be substantial. Moreover, the benefits of improved posture, reduced pain, and enhanced overall well-being are invaluable.

Unlike traditional insoles that offer passive support, our therapeutic insoles actively communicate with the brain, leading to real-time posture correction.

The Therapeutic Insoles are beneficial for a range of foot types, including flat feet. The unique frequency they use is designed to stimulate the brain in a way that brings about immediate posture correction.

Yes! The Therapeutic Insoles are versatile and can be used with socks and in various types of shoes, including sports shoes.

Scientific evidence

Mechanoreceptors in the feet play a pivotal role in human balance and posture. By stimulating these receptors, one can enhance equilibrium and overall stance. By focusing on improving foot posture, individuals can experience enhanced balance, stand taller, and reduce joint inflammation, contributing to overall well-being and healthier living. Read the research.

Therapeutic Insoles

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Regular price$400.00USD

Our Therapeutic Insoles are designed to address this imbalance at its root. Far beyond ordinary insoles, they represent a paradigm shift in how we understand and interact with gravity.

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